Due to global warming and limited availability of conventional fuels, renewable energy sources are playing a vital role in satisfying the power requirement. In order to control CO2  emission and to curb the adverse effects of global warming, most of the countries plan to stop the IC-engine vehicles and interested to develop the E-vehicles. Recent research is emphasising green energy with power electronics support.

In this relevance, to enhance the research related to the above scenario, the Electrical and Electronics Engineering department of Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College has organized a one day  “International Conference on Emerging Trends in Power Electronics, E-Vehicles and Green Energy” (ICPEG ’21)  which would provide a platform to explore the socio-economic benefits’ of the E-vehicles and Green energy.


  1. Nanotechnology in Advanced Alternate Energy Material Physics and Engineering.

  2. Prediction, Forecasting, Data mining and Data fusion techniques in Manufacture & Applications of Alternate Energy Systems.

  3. Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources – System design with reference to Rural areas and Urban areas.

  4. Economic and Environmental Issues.

  5. Electricity market: Distribution, Forecasting, Bidding strategies, Market analysis and Clearing.

  6. Power control: Various Power Converters and Inverter Topologies.

  7. Smart systems and Optimization systems.

  8. Large Scale Power Systems: Planning and Design.

  9. Solar Absorbers and Collectors – Design and Modelling.

  10. Heating and Cooling systems.

  11. Electric Mobility - Battery Management System, EV design.


Dr. S.ChandraMohan, CEG
Dr. S.Hosimin Thilagar, CEG
Dr. Rama Reddy, REC
Dr. N.Kumarappan, Chairman, IEEE Madras Section
Dr. R.Raghavan, Academic advisor
Dr. S. Rajasekaran, NIQR chairman
Dr. Abirami Santhanam, The UT Health, USA
Dr. N.Muthaiah, Divisional Manager, Ashok Leyland
Dr .Nagarajan Sudarsanan, SIEM,West Bengal


Dr. G. Uma, CEG
Dr.P.Somasundaram, CEG
Dr. B. ChittiBabu, IIITD&M
Dr.VijayakumarKrishnasamy, IIITD&M
Dr. K Sulochana, IIT Madras
Dr. P. Selvam, GCE, Tirunelveli
Dr. J.Suganthi, GCE, Tirunelveli
Dr. Anudevi Samuvel, NIT Goa
Dr. Kanagalakshmi, NIT Calicut
Dr.Manoranjan Sahoo, NIT Trichy
Dr. R. Jayaparvathy, SSN
Dr. R. Ramaprabha, SSN
Ms. Sindhuja Vijaraghavan, Croonwolter&dros, Netherlands
Dr. Bhargav Prasanna, EDF, Paris
Mr.Krishnakumar Vasudevan, UNITEN, Malaysia
Dr. Pranavamoorthy, EATON, Pune

Dr. K.S.Lakshmi, Correspondent.


Dr. K.S.Babai, Secretary.


Dr. P.K.Suresh, Principal.
Dr. K.Umarani, Dean Academics.


Mrs. S.SoundaraBala.
HOD  & Associate prof.

Mrs. G.Gayatri, Asst. prof.
Mr. K.Bhasker, Asst. prof.
Mr. S.B.Sivasubramaniyan, Asst. prof.
Dr. K.Kumarasamy, Assoc. Prof.


Mrs. K.Rajeswari, Associate prof.
Mrs. N.V.Haritha, Asst. prof.


Mr. G. Sethuraman, Asst. Prof.
Mrs. T.Vanathi, Asst. prof.
Mr. S.Manikandan, Asst. prof.
Mr. P.Parasuraman, Asst. prof.
Mrs. F.A.Joan Anita, Asst. prof